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This whole thing is getting really old, I hope other people realize that. I thought the issue with paedophile adding random users to his list was hilarious. These people are doing this for a reaction and you're giving it to them. As the support team has proved time and time again, nobody bloody cares is somebody with an offensive user name adds you as a friend. They aren't doing anything wrong. They're not harassing you, stalking you, they just added you as a friend.

Livejournal has given us the "hide friend of" feature for a reason, but rather than be smart and just use it, they decide to make themselves look like idiots, where other users can laugh at them for saying things like "you're stalking me!" and "I'm going to call the cops on you!" and my personal favourite, "I'm going to report you to lj abuse, and they will listen to me because I have a paid account!"

If your journal is public, ANYONE can read it. This is the INTERNET, it's NOT that big of a deal. Nobody cares if somebody you don't know adds you as a friend and wants to read your journal. If you don't like it, you can either make your journal friends only, hide your friend of list, and NOT add that user, or you can delete your journal and make a new one.

If you're going to get so upset over this, you shouldn't even have a journal. Go get a blogger, NOBODY will friend you then!

However, the "serial adders" issue is getting tiresome and unoriginal. It would be funny if there was one person, or a couple, but there's dozens out there, all equality moronic. I have my suspicions about several of them actually being the same person, but it's just a theory.

All in all, I'm sick of people whining about their "friend of" lists. If you're too stubborn to hide the list, then too bad for you.

As an added note, my post was approved for a reason. So please don't make "this should have been posted elsewhere" as your argument. Brad could delete this any time he choses.

Edit: I also think you should all have a look at what blahxblahxblah_ has to say.

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