Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_biz,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Coupons for Invite codes

Coupons for invite codes are now available. If you'll recall, this is for the people who valued their invite code collections and wanted something back for them after we removed invite codes from the site. We understand the other viewpoint too, though, that it's stupid we're rewarding people for not inviting users. That's kinda true. But it's also true that that's exactly what invite codes were meant to accomplish. *shrug* Another good point is that invite codes were also given for support points, and contributions, so think of this as a reward for that.

First, generate more codes:

Then get a coupon for them:

You can give the coupon to other people or buy gifts with it. (services only, not t-shirts)

Sorry this took so long... we had to deal with cleaning the database in cases where people used fradulent credit cards to buy $1000 of paid accounts and get lots of invite codes that way. We also had to do some stats on what exchange rate made sense and the trade-offs in the dozen different things we could do, and then add support for the "intangible coupons" we decided on. (Coupons that can only be used for services... not tangible items.)

Anyway, the exchange is $0.50 for each of first 10 codes, then $0.25 thereafter, with a cap of $25, which is a year of paid time.

If you find any bugs with this tool, report them here and whitaker will look into it.

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