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Disk Space

Hi, I was just wondering about the storage space that was mentioned in news.
Disk Space
All paid/permanent users now have 50 MB of disk space on our servers for PhonePosts, userpics and other upcoming features requiring file storage. Text journal entries do not count against this.

To prevent us from having to store your PhonePosts and paid user files forever, we reserve the right to purge your files after your paid account has expired and gone back to a free account for 6 months. We'll be amending the TOS to reflect this.
I have not had the chance to look for more info (and I just found out about this community), has there been any more information about it, or the upcomming features?

I am *mostlikely* not going to be using the Phone Post option, and was wondering what other ideas they have planned. Possibly image storage for backgrounds and such...? Cos that would be nifty, I am currently using VillagePhotos for the most part, and it doesn't always work (it won't load the image because of limited bandwith per day).

*Hint Hint*



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