b (blackheartgirl) wrote in lj_biz,

News article miscommunication?

Please, clarify the recent news article. Personally, it makes perfect sense. Yet...

Here's a list of false assumptions way too many users are making:

  • People think that invite codes have always been around because they joined 2 years ago or less
  • A lot are asking, "Now that invite codes are gone, how can I create my journal?" (I can't believe how many people have wondered that)
  • The servers won't be able to handle more journals being created (even though you mentioned this, you might want to highlight it in bold and point out that the site has been running smoothly)
  • The quality of the service will go down due to more journals being created
  • The assumption that LJ should be an "exclusive club"
  • The fear of people trolling, spamming, etc. and that the abuse team will be unequipped to handle it
  • LJ is "selling out"

    There seriously needs to be some clarifications. This has gotten way out of hand, judging by the comments--myself, I don't understand why so many are taking this the wrong way. Perhaps a F.A.Q. could be made about the rise and fall of invite codes, and the reasons for doing it, so those scratching their heads or getting angry can get some answers?

    I hope this isn't off-topic.
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