November 30th, 2007

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Update on adult flagging concerns

We've been reading your comments and want to talk about some of the questions that have come up the most often. These are just the top things that we want to clarify and we'll update in more detail again next week if there's more that needs to be addressed.

Most importantly, logged in users over 18 will not see any of the changes made by the settings of this program unless they choose to. You won't see any of the lj-cuts related to this system and your friends page will appear exactly as it always has. We feel it's important that this doesn't impact adults using LiveJournal.

Abuse of content flagging
It's important to note that one user flagging another's content doesn't do anything automatically. It is just a simple step to create a notice you'd like that content reviewed. Only the content most frequently flagged will ever get reviewed. Nothing happens if the content isn't consistent with why it's being flagged. Having your content flagged won't result in your content being reviewed for anything else.

There are no settings (or "flags") for the last three options on the flagging page. Those three options lead directly to opening an abuse request, which asks for the direct URL of the content. Those reports will be handled the usual way and there's no change to that process because of this program.

As additional measures to prevent abuse of the flags, only accounts registered for over a month may use the flagging feature, and use of the flags is limited to five per user every twenty-four hours. Misuse of this sytem will result in the user's flags not counting towards the threshold for review.

Definition of Adult Concepts
The Adult Concepts setting is only a voluntary setting - it's not an option to flag and there's no administrative setting for it. The definition of that content is completely up to the author of the content.

How this system determines the age of the user
The date of birth used when you create your account is the way that your age is calculated by LiveJournal. If you did not enter a date of birth when you registered, it will default to the date on your profile (which you can enter but hide on the Edit Profile page). If a user has not entered a date of birth, the first time they click on an lj-cut generated by these systems they will be prompted to enter a date of birth. That will then be the system-recorded age (so they shouldn't have to enter it again).

Friends-only content
This system will not accept flags on friends-only content. Although a flag icon may be present on the navigational strip, if you click it while viewing friends-only content it will only give you the option to flag the journal. Friends-only content is not affected by or included in any part of this system.

If something is not working as we describe please open a support request and we will look into it.

This system is a response to the question of how to handle adult content for minors but requires participation and supervision on the part of parents. On the bottom of every main page on LiveJournal there is a link to online safety tips from We've set this up in such a way that it should not interfere with the experience of users who are 18 and over and is still something that can assist parents.