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"Similar Interests" feature

I was instructed by Support to post about this here.

I am very frustrated that the "Similar interests" feature was removed, and I understand that it is due to server load. However, it was one of the primary reasons I became a paid member and I feel that if *PAID FEATURES* are going to be removed without input from the payers, and other features are being added, without any input from us, there is something wrong with the model.

I would happily pay another $25/year to have this feature in place. There are people whose journals I followed who I did not necessarily want to friend, but whom I liked to read periodically, that I can no longer locate. Ever.

Also, I used this feature often to FIND new friends, and the argument I got from Support that I can just find people with ONE similar interest and then scan manually to see what else we may have in common was ridiculously specious.

SURE - everyone has time to painstakingly peruse all the people who share their first listed interest, then move on the the next listed interest and scan 30 or 40 of those folks, and so on.

As Dr. Evil would say... "Ri-i-i-i-i-i-ght"

So how about we discuss the ROI on various features and what people really want to pay for or are willing to pay for?

I can't imagine I am the only person who used this feature, part of what I thought I was buying when I anted up the dough and joined.

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