January 25th, 2003

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  • jproulx

RFC: Stats

As has been mentioned before, we'd like to offer a counter/statistics service for accounts, but we need to work out a few more details before we can get started.

We'll probably be selling this service in customizable packages, as well as offering a default "simple" package to paid users, and now that we have the new pay system, it's a lot easier to setup the payment structure to support that idea.

Now, at minimum, I feel these statistics should be added so that we can at least compete with other services:
  • hits/impressions per URL
  • Referrers per URL (filters for search engines, etc)
  • Reported browser/useragent settings

All of these would be logged over time, of course, but we need to decide on how often to do so.

Based on various sources (especially from this paidmembers post), we've had these suggestions for other/extra features:
  • all stats split between logged in and non users
    • If taken further, we could distinguish between logged in friends, friend-of but not friended, and "strangers"
    • Also: filter yourself from your stats
    • Aggregated logged in user information
  • Varied display tools for each stat (pie charts, bar graphs, etc)
  • Digest statistics emailed regularly (weekly,monthly)
  • optional visible counters
  • log "forward links", the complement of referrers (where are you linking to?)
  • aggregated IP statistics
  • posting trends ([comments|posts] per day, comments per entry, etc)
  • meta information trends (moods, post security, userpics used, etc)
  • bandwidth usage

Question is: what, out of these features, should we include as options in the stats package, and how often should these stats be logged? And ideally, how much would you pay, if offered this service?

(no subject)

Right now I have a free account, and have had one since April or May, I love Live Journal... I was waiting for the intensity to fade, and yet it hasn't so now, I would like to pay for my livejournal... So how does that work? Can I just switch my account over to free to paid... and what benefits do I get of a paid account?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much.