January 2nd, 2003

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i'm not sure where i should be asking this but i'm hoping someone here can answer my question. i'm interested in starting a community to get peope together to order off this site that makes custom shoes i wanted to make a lj shoe and see if other lj users were interested in this idea. but i wanted to get the go ahead before i organised this and ask if it was ok with someone related to livejournal to use the logos(probably the pencil on the side and maybe frank on the bottom) on the shoe. i would be making NO profits off this it's just that livejournal is a big part of my life and i want to show my livejournal pride. i know there has to be other people like me interested in this since lj is such a strong community. if no one here can answer my question but knows where it could be directed any help would be MUCH appreciated. thanks.
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