July 4th, 2002

happy cactus

A fun way to show support for LJ...

This is a really fun little project, and we can all unite as LJ users, it'll be fun. :-p

Basically, it's a program that tracks how many keys you type (nothing else, just how many, not what you type). You then "pulse," which sends the number of keys to the project, and it's then tracked on your stats and the like. People are ranked.

The best part though- TEAMS! I've started an LJ team, so we can all join it and type merrily away, and try and get into the top 20.

Simple instructions on how to join the project, and then the team:

Go to http://project-dolphin.net

On the sidebar, you'll find "Sign Up." Click there, and follow instructions.

Once you've signed up, you'll need to download the client. Download is found lower on the sidebar. Download it, follow instructions, get it set up on your computer and such. It's all pretty easy and self-explanatory.

Now, on the sidebar, go to "Your Account." Under the "Team Options" area on the right side, go to "Join a Team." Then search by ID for 1039. You'll see the team "LJ Addicts." Select it, and then join!

Feel very, very free to copy and paste this into your own journals, or show this to friends, and get them to join. :) That's basically what I'm hoping for.

We did this on a site I was staff of for about a year (alienaa.com), and we really quickly got into the top 20... I believe that team is at number 6 now. It really is just a fun little thing for everyone to do, it only takes a few minutes, and we can all show off the fact that we type too much, and love LJ. :-p
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