June 4th, 2002


LiveJournal article in Membrana.ru

Didn't notice this one before... it's an article from March 14, 2002 located here on a Russian website.

The title roughly translates into LiveJournal, the Magazine with a Thousand Lives", and it features emdin and avva talking about LiveJournal, it's features, advantages, etc. It covers the features of the site thoroughly, talks about communities, memories, groups, and the Russian version of the Semagic client for Windows.

It also covers other interesting features that have grown out of the large, active Russian community on LiveJournal, such as LJ-crush, a homebrewed matchmaking application for Russian LiveJournal users, where you indicate who you have a crush on and find out who has a crush on you. (The neat thing about this is that it's not like one of those evil commercial "Guess whose got a crush on you?" websites from hell. Boy I hate those things...)

Addendum! Make that two articles on LiveJournal in Russian! The second one is here! Haven't "read" it yet.

I also noticed that LiveJournal won three awards in POTOP - 2002, the Russian website awards, that were held on March 26th of this year. LiveJournal won for Literary Site of the Year, Interactive Site of the Year, and got a runner-up nod as best Foriegn Site of the Year... but since we're runners up to Google, that doesn't suck. It's really a testimony to how strong and active a Russian community we have on LiveJournal.

Anyone out there want to do a translation of this article these articles for future reference?!

LiveJournal powering Beringsea.com communities and forums!

Wanted to pass on the good news about Beringsea.com, "the result of an ambitious new effort, inspired, funded, and organized by the Tanadgusix (Alaskan Native Village) People and their friends" .... "a small organization of real Alaskan citizens - not some giant commercial conglomerate. Yet, with modern tools and sincere efforts we can grow this site to serve each other."

And the tool they are using to bring their community together is LiveJournal! Very cool, and a great way for our software to help others interact and work together. Looking forward to seeing this grow.

Speaking of Alaska, there is a new community started recently for Alaskans -- alaska99712. Hopefully, more of the 859 Alaskans who use LiveJournal will find out about the community sometime soon. If you have someone on your friends list from Alaska, be sure to pass along the news!
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PR Help?

Not sure how to go about offering this up, but I did public relations for a living (and was quite good at it) until I was laid off, just recently. If LJ has any type of PR program in place, or would be interested in any type of conscious PR effort, I'd be happy to donate some time.