March 17th, 2002

Live Journal

Asking for Verification...

Well I have never heard of this before and I just need clarification before I respond to this message. It wasn't sent with an official "Live Journal" e-mail address so can someone from LJ staff land let me know if this is leigt.

"Dear user dangarion,

You have been chosen a winner in LiveJournal's bug hunt regarding our latest clustering efforts. Due to the type of bug you helped discover, we have decided to buy any CD, DVD, VHS tape or book of your choosing (worth up to
$30) that is presently available through . Please reply to this e-mail when you have made a decision, and we will set up the transaction. Thank you, and we hope you will be part of the next bug hunt we have.

LiveJournal Staff
- Opi"

Might I suggest if this is a offical Live Journal e-mail maybe it be sent from an LJ e-mail address. I realize it's easy to mask a fake one, but it just helps with people that don't believe everything they read.

I also received a message from LJ saying with the subject "LiveJournal Payment Received -- #38400" and I didn't pay for LJ plus it shows I didn't pay an actual price and says it's part of the LJ bug hunt as well...

Thanks, and sorry if this is something I shouldn't be posting here but this is a business issue and I doubt LJSupport has anything to do with this...
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500k user mark.

Not sure if anyone really cares, but I just thought I'd point out that LJ is very close to passing the 500k user mark.

Wouldn't want it to go by without everyone at least noticing. At the current growth rate, 500k users will be attained in about 3-4 days. Check out the stats page for more details.