November 14th, 2001

  • ender

LiveJournal Chat- paid features.

Recently we've came close to finishing a new LiveJournal feature - and IRC based chat server, where each journal and community is portrayed as an IRC channel.

It already will only let LiveJournal users connect, but dormando insists we add some value for paid users.

So the question is, who here can think of a cool feature we could give paid users, in a chat room?

Here's some details on the technicalities:

Channels obviously only show up when people are in them.
The permission system is done like this:
Owner of a Journal or Community are auto-oped by ChanServ
Friends of a Journal, or Members of a community are voiced

The server doesn't care about IP, reverses and it doesn't even try to lookup ident - We arn't efnet! Only valid usernames are allowed to connect, and must authenticate with a LJ password. The ircd will not allow them to join a channel or message anybody until they have identifed. The ircd will also not allow them to change nicknames.

I expect the majority of users to use a java client we'll have on the site, so these details won't bother most people.

As for the technical details, modified Bahumut with HURT-style capability by default (no messaging, joining until +r'ed by NickServ).

Custom services authenticating channels and users against the LJ database.

Custom java applet to allow 'normal folks' to just have a simple chatroom on their journals.