July 19th, 2001

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Well, two people's voice awards for us, and nothing for Blogger...
People have been saying here and there that 2001=year of the weblogs, well, if you look at the Webbies results, weblog=LiveJournal now...
It seemed that Brad, when interviewed, had mixed feelings about it. I understand him pretty well... I'd be shitting my pants if I were him now. What's next ? What will those two awards bring us ? Good and bad, for sure. Still, a beautiful and well-deserved victory...
Now let's prepare to what may be coming... ;)
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archived webcast

abcnews.com has a link up for the archived web cast...

I'm not sure if it's up yet, when I try to watch it I get some error about how I may be "experiencing network problems". Can anyone confirm that it's actually up already or if it's just me?
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just watched the interview...

and wanted to say that I think Brad did a really good job when talking to Sam. I think he came off looking really laid back and positive and showed a little bit of how in touch with the users he is. Very sincere, but I wouldn't expect anything but that from him...just glad it came across for such a huge event and audience.

anyway, just wanted to say good job, dude :P
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Quick introduction.

Hiya. I'm new to lj_biz, just wanted to pop my head up and say hello. Some of you know me from lj_support.

I figured this was the best place for me to be, since I'd like to help out LJ more than I do right now, and I'm not all that code-1337 or anything like that. :) So, if anyone needs assistance with anything, feel free to ask me.

/nerdy welcome

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Hopefully this is an appropriate place for these. I managed to grab 12 screenshots while going over the webcast again, and I figured I'd put them up here in case you want to have 'em. Brad, although I don't know the policy on having these, please feel free to save them if you want to use them in any business-related things. I don't know if you'd need permission to reproduce them or not, however.

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Transcript of Brad's Interview

SD: ...a few still believe that the Internet's promise is still as strong as ever, and another great example of the personal appeal of the web is LiveJournal.com, a site that allows individuals to create their own online memoir, and with me is Brad Fitzpatrick, of LiveJournal.com, a write-in nominee for the People's Voice awards in two categories: Personal and Services, and Brad, I can confirm for you right now that you have won in both of the categories, so take a bow will you?

BF: Thanks.

SD: Thank you, now, without a New York publisher, and all of that, how can people think they can just come on with their personal journals?

BF: Um, they just... it's addictive, you know... their friends do it, and everyone starts doing it... it's fun!

SD: Give us some examples, what do people write? Do they really let their hair down, or not?

BF: Some people blurt out everything, you know, everything they'd write in a personal diary. A lot of people just write their daily routines, what they're doing, and let their friends keep track of them, so they can hang out and keep track of who's doing what.

SD: You know we've seen in the new reality craze on television, real life with real people seems to attract everyone.

BF: Yeah, there's a lot of exhibitionists on LiveJournal and it also has a lot of voyeurs, so it works out well.

SD: So, who logs on to read all of this?

BF: People with a lot of time, *chuckle* you know... people who are bored and just wanna... look at that, as I say, there's a lot of voyeurs on there who just wonder what other people are doing, people who wanna keep track of their friends.

SD: How many times have you had people say "I don't wanna just write a journal of today, or even this month, I'd like to write my whole life!" You don't have the space for that!

BF: Well, I mean, It doesn't take too much space, people have been doing it for three or four years already, and we're just buying more space, if they need it.

SD: Well Brad, congratulations on winning in both categories.

BF: Oh, thank you.

SD: Good to talk to you. Let's go back to Simone now.....

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how do you block just one user from posting in a community? i do not want to restrict membership, but my art education community arted is getting bombarded with somebody's vendetta against someone else. its very annoying and inappropriate.