July 18th, 2001

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to any self entitled official. . .

well i already did this, so i suppose it's funny [heh-hrmm] to do first and question later, but here is the question:

i called Lansing State Journal (lansing, michigan) with this message for Jim McMiller, Business (section) Editor [ (517) 377-1056 ] with this message:

"jim mcmiller this is pertinent to your 'E'-business [the name of the business section on tuesdays] feature. i'll just send you a slew of info; my name is gabriel petrie and my number is [. . .] and i'd like you to see livejournal.com. . . a web site potentially generating revenue of several million dollars a year, based entirely on 'grass roots' correlated efforts. . . of a 'bunch of kids', and they might win three of the 'webbies' catagories this year, look that up that's 'webbies [spelled out] awards' on a search engine. . . thank you much, good bye."

*shrug*... do you mind that sort of hyping, and if you don't is there a particular format / message you want followed ?


Brad has flown into town for the day and we're leaving for S.F. in another couple hours. The webcast starts tonight at 7pm PST. I think we're supposed to do an interview early on in the webcast, too.

At times like this, I just really don't know what to wear, much less what to say...

Wish us luck and thanks for getting us there!


I need help!

I'm the administrator of the jewishfriends community. I've had to create a new community for obvious reasons if you see the first message from today. I tried to ban the user but the admin console refuses to co-operate (argh!!) which is why I created a new community. My new problem? My new community is closed to prevent the same person from earlier joining but now I can't get posting access for myself or anyone else on the new community since the admin console isn't working. How can I get this done???

By the way, can someone please remove the users adolph_hitler and evalove (posing as eva braun) from this website? Anyone posing as hitler is truly sick & twisted & evalove is giving me the creeps - she's got me down as a friend & I don't want anyone who admires someone that was in love with hitler reading my journal.
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News and opinions.

Normally this would not belong here, just being a chat log, but it reflects some thoughts going on (I normally don't talk to these people)

@KatyEat> lj won the people's voice in both categories.
** KatyEat is now known as Katy
Anon1> Yay. *sarcasm*
@Katy> poor brad seems really inarticulate
Anony2> lj won?
3anon3> yeah
3anon3> that's cause uh
3anon3> livejournal rocks
3anon3> it is the epitome of technical perfection
* 3anon3 coughs
@Katy> heh
@Katy> i like the site.
@Katy> sue me.
Anon1> No comment.
* Anony2 falls down laughing
4thanon> heh
* Anon1 shakes his head and wanders off.
anonFIVE> I don't believe it.
4thanon> insomnia whoring himself out for votes paid off
anonFIVE> how pathetic.