July 16th, 2001


Strange LJ Promotions...

As the monitor for Community Promo, I am always trying to think of new ways to promote LJ.

To that end, here's a strange one:

I have a friend who is going to WWF Raw Is War tonight. Evidently she has killer seats. 4th row by the ramp. She will at some time during the evening be waving a big banner with WWW.LiveJournal.com on it.

The show is being aired live from 9-11pm eastern time tonight, on TNN.


[Frankly it pains me greatly to have to watch a full 2 hours of wrestling, but I'm going to do it just to see a national plug, no matter how brief.]
dancing H

LJ shirts?

has there been any activity in getting the LJ shirts into reality? last thing i remember is there was a discussion about Frank on the sleeve. has that been resolved?

i, for one, am waiting with baited breath for one or two or three. i was just thinking the other night while i was out, that if i had an LJ shirt on, my fellow LJ'ers that may happen to see me out would recognize the all too familiar pencil-swirl, see how cool it looks and want one as well.

i know that the profit margin isnt great for them, but it is PROFIT. and that means more LJ for everyone, paidmembers and free accounts.

sidenote- the shirts are like minibillboards and can be a huge source of advertising.