June 23rd, 2001

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  • mart

Font specifications within system styles

I really had no idea where to post this, but here seemed to be the best of the bad ideas.

I just answered a support query where the user had changed their style to Generator which has its own CSS font/size specifications and thus lost the ability to override the font with CSS in GLOBAL_HEAD.

The solution to this is to remove all font specifications from the system styles, do not set a size on 'normal' text (paragraphs, table cells, body) and where it is necessary to make a given bit of text (such as a heading) larger than the surrounding text using CSS, use relative font sizing with the em or percentage units.

This will ensure that users can achieve maximum customisation and reduce support headaches as people who don't understand CSS at all copy stuff verbatim and then wonder why changing their style breaks it.

Someone who has access to the system account needs to do this, of course. Who does, other than Brad?

  • roshi

my take on the front page content.


LiveJournal.com is a free service that allows you to create, customise, and keep your own personal journal, online. There's no limit to what you can do with your journal - it's all up to you. Personal diaries, news update pages, community bulletin boards - it's all possible.

Download the client that suits your computer - available for windows, macintosh, unix or beos computers - or just update via the web updater.

You could write your own client, if you wanted - LiveJournal.com is an open source project. The source code to the server and all the clients are available under various open source licenses, mainly the GPL.

Getting Started:

  • Create your own LiveJournal
  • Update Journal
  • Download a Client
  • Customize your LiveJournal.

Communicating, and community

  • Edit your Personal information
  • Edit your LiveJournal Friends
  • Edit or delete old journal entries
  • Group journals and shared interests

Technical Support

  • Read the FAQ
  • Request help in the support area
  • Developer Information
  • Contributors

um. i think the links - getting started, communicating/community, and tech support, need some reivision. i think the community side of lj can really be used to our advantage.... i don't bloody know. here. it's less wordy than before. figure it out. :/