May 7th, 2001

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LiveJournal: Clean Code, Messy Site.

So Brad spends a weekend cleaning up the LiveJournal Code, and it becomes more apparent to me that while the code that runs LiveJournal may be clean (and lj_audit helping to get it even cleaner and documented) the rest of the site is in disarray.

A while back there was some discussion about cleaning up the main page. I think this is a good idea, but I don't think we should stop there.

I'd personally like it if the front page was more customizable then it currently is (I don't know how much of a server hit this would be). For example, I no longer need to know that Brad, Sam and Erik have integrated their LiveJournals into their own homepages. In fact to me, most of the first page (and the sidebar) is useless.

What I would want on the front page are the headlines from the newest posts in some communities I monitor (news, changelog, lj_biz, lj_dev, etc). Information on downtime, etc.

So who is with me? And who wants to do some actual work to figure out the best way to make the LiveJournal welcome page helpful for first time visitors, and to current members?

Evan are you still interested in doing a clean up of the main page? What would be the effect of allowing the welcome page to be more dynamic for registered users as far as server loads go?

LiveJournal is so large now that it will get confusing, but I'd like to help minimize that.

Comments? (ignore the typos, it's late)

Promoting our software to developers

This is, in many ways, more of a question to those who use lj_dev, but...

what, if anything, is LiveJournal currently doing to promote its latest code to the open source community? We just created a really significant release of LJ server, allowing people to run actual LiveJournal-style sites, use LiveJournal on Intranets, etc. The problem, of course, is that very few people know about this.

Is anything routinely done to promote these releases, such as posting to freshmeat, etc? Since I'm not a developer, I am sure I only know a fraction of the channels out there to promote LiveJournal releases to potential developers... what I need is for people to suggest as many channels as possible to promote things. Once we have such a list, I could use the assistance of anyone who is willing to make sure that the word gets out to this community on what we have to offer people.

Can anyone offer up a few sites / channels of promotion to start with?
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Syndication is back

Some of you may remember I posted a long time ago about LiveJournal syndicating RDF/RSS headlines. You may also remember when they stopped appearing because the script kept crashing.

Well, after a rewrite, they're back, and done much cleaner code-wise, so I can extend it to other formats. What I need now is a list of RDF/RSS sites people want syndicated on LiveJournal. Currently there's only a few and they're of limited interest. Ideally, I'd like to get as many non-mainstream news sites as possible, but anything would be cool.

Another interesting fact - this comes right on the heels of Netscape stopping syndication (Netscape invented the RDF/RSS format, and for a long time was the primary content syndicator.)

So... what sites do you all want to see?
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