April 24th, 2001


New position for Opiummmm!

As many of you know, Opiummmm has done some excellent work for LiveJournal in all sorts of different areas... he has been extremely active in support, spearheading a very successful start for the lj_support community and getting loads of things done that needed doing. He has also done a lot of hard work on just about every LiveJournal community oriented site I can possibly think of, and has shown the rare trait of being highly self-motivated. You don't have to wind him up very often to get him moving. He just keeps going and going and going. (thump, thump, thump, thump...)

Well... as much as I value his work in support, I have to announce that I'm going to have to steal him away from support to a very significant degree. Over the next few weeks, he will be tying up any loose ends with support, and either finishing up or handing over his support-related tasks. Fortunately, the support team has a lot of talent to fill in the gaps. I know that Dakus, for one, will do whatever is needed to make the highly rated support team succeed.

Effective immediately, I'm naming Opiummmm the new LiveJournal Community Site Supervisor. He will oversee comm_news, /community, live, newbies, userpics, and ljcomics, giving them far more time and attention than I can spare. He will also work with me to spearhead the creation and staffing of new LiveJournal community sites as they are brought online.

What does that mean if you work on any of the sites that I mentioned? It means, basically, that you report to Opi, and that Opi reports to me. However, that doesn't mean you can't approach me for advice or assistance if you need to. I am dedicated to being a resource to anyone and everyone at LiveJournal who needs my help, or just wants to return the favor and help out a website that has made their life better.

I think that all of you will find, through the example that he sets, that Opi is a natural yet humble leader. I trust him to get results, and, of course, I expect a lot from him. I also expect those of you who will work with him to make him look good and to congratulate him on his well-earned promotion!
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Cydniey Joins NDR Staff as Las Vegas Correspondent

press release

NewDigitalReporter.com Expands Digital Photo Coverage
of Biggest Convergence Show Ever!

LiveJournal.com/user/cydniey Joins NDR Staff as Las Vegas Correspondent

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 23, 2001) The NewDigitalReporter.com (NDR), a cyber zine covering converging technologies, is publishing digital photo reports directly from the show floor of The National Association of Broadcasters Annual Convention (April 22-26). It is a worldwide gathering of television and radio broadcasters and professionals from telecommunications, multimedia, film and the Internet.

Online publications and individuals can freely access and use any aspect of the up-to-the-minute articles, providing copyright credit is given with a link to http://www.newdigitalreporter.com.

Utilizing the prolific, enthusiastic LiveJournal.com high-tech talent pool, NDR is expanding coverage through an evolving international correspondent base. Cydneiy Buffers, our newest team member, will cover high tech trade shows, arts and entertainment in her home town of Las Vegas, NV. Since the first of the year, LiveJournal.com photojournalists have been added to the staff in: London, Hollywood, New York, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

"The opportunity to work with NDR is fabulous from so many angles," states Cydniey Buffers, NDR Las Vegas Correspondent," I all but live my life in the digital world. This gives me the rare opportunity to preview technologies I will eventually be using, and share it with my peers."

"CNN does not have a jump on creative, independent electronic news gathers," explains Jack Olmsted, Senior Correspondent NewDigitalReporter.com."Cheap global interaction has arrived. On a personal level, it is rewarding to empower talented individuals to publish their view-points to a collective international audience with a relentless appetite for "as-it-happens" experiences. LiveJournal.com is an excellent cyber community resource where thousands of users explore core values, documenting their lives through a variety of digital communication venues."

Full Release: Business Wire
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The Livejournal team needs to think seriously about putting together a security team. This team would be made up of a group that can handle complaints such as this (one of MANY that have suddenly come up) and other such issues regarding user account security. I keep referring people to abuse@livejournal.com but it seems the time is right to spin off security complaints or mishaps into its own section. The team could even take a proactive role by running a username/pw query tool that the LJ_dev team could write for them, this tool will generate a list of people that have passwords that fall below a standard rating (you know...too simple: password, 1234, the username, livejournal, etc.) They could also devise a long term plan for user security, how to recover hacked accounts (I think we need an account pass phrase for pw backup. You know..."My third grade school teacher's name was..." Ms. Grant or "My goldfish's name is..." Goldie) And on and on...

Let me know what you think. It's too large of a task to handle in support and abuse has their hands full and it all will only get worse.

One last thing, can we have a page here, that is like an FAQ on what is ABUSE and what isn't, maybe even with a web based form to file complaints?

Blogger... for a price?!

What do you think the mindset would be of a person who would choose to pay money to register and run theendoffree.com? What would you say if I told you that the owner of that website was none other than Ev, the owner of Blogger?!

When he does start charging, he will claim to do so "reluctantly", I am sure... but he has made it abundantly clear in the past that he intends to turn Blogger into a business, so whatever, I guess...

I have always argued that all of our major services should be free, and that we should be there for the weblogging community as a whole, defending the concept of free, open source weblogs. I think we need to reopen the idea of designing a "Debloggerizer", allowing those users who, for one reason or another, do not want to pay for Blogger, to import their site into LiveJournal. Are there any developers who would be interested in this task?!

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so an idea....
how about a service (to be paid for, of course) that will print users journals for them. maybe a set price per 30 entries or x amount of words or something. i've become quite attached to mine and really don't have the kind, quality, or ink supplied sort of printer to take care of this, not to mention the time it would take me. one of you geniuses has to have the ability to write some little song and dance that could do this pretty well, and brad & co. might even be able to turn a bit of a profit from it. i would certainly take advantage of this. would you?