March 15th, 2001

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Display user pics on lastn view

Formal feature suggestion - Display user pics on lastn view</font>

Short Description
Users would be able to display custom pictures as an option on their "lastn" view, enabling further moods and stuff like that.

Long Description
Users can upload a maximum of (used to be, anyway) ten pictures to represent them doing various things. All my friends that use this feature have pictures of them sleeping, shocked, bored, happy, and the like. Implementing this would allow the person to display their current picture in the same manner user pics are displayed on Friends view.

  • Visitors to the user's Livejournal can see these custom pictures as well
  • People who don't have the user as a friend can see it
  • It makes it easier to create styles :o)

  • It could get cluttered or something, but they could always just not use a style that shows pictures...

Add a feature to the style editor that reads from the DB, loading the data for the user's current picture (same as the Friends view does with FRIENDS_FRIENDPIC.

The image server may become a bit more bogged down, but chances are that the images will only be loaded once, and from then loaded off the disk cache of visitors.

I think this would, at worst, be another handy feature of LJ, and at best, be a very cool addition to having custom pictures.
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Was there ever any additional thought given to the possibility of starting a weekly/biweekly/monthly newsletter for LiveJournal? It's an option on the info section, and even though we have news communities and such, it'd still be nice to get a digest version with the notable developments, comments, and everything arranged into a nice format in a single message. It might let some newer users be more aware of the changes going on to LJ, and thus make the sense of community tighter.

If this is something that we'd like to do, I'd love to help (I do publishing and editing for online/print journals and magazines). this something that's still needed and/or wanted?

I don't think I've ever used as many exclamations as I have here

A good point was brought up in the last lj_biz post about news and such. Then there was the mention of comm_news, and I know not much has been happening over there, but that's going to change.

Eventually I would like to see comm_news replace the regular news journal in popularity because it will be dealing with everything that goes on in LJ land, not just with the current status of the servers or what problems are being fixed when.

But that would mean that I need reporters. Yes, I need dedicated people working to bring me news! It's actually very simple; tell me that you want to help, I'll let you post, and you post away!

But I won't stop there. Do you want to write an editorial regarding LiveJournal? Do you want to announce your latest local shin-dig to all of LJ land, hoping to find more people in your area? Community Leaders! Do you want to let people know what's happening in your community from time to time and give us the play by play?

Basically, if you request access to post to comm_news, and give a fairly decent reason of why you want to do so, then just e-mail me and I will let you!

All the reporters, all the journalists, anyone who can keep an eye out for the stuff ALL of LiveJournal should know about, I need your help! I can't do this alone!
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I wrote a letter to webjump stating..:

At another website, I have discovered that there is the possibility
that Web Jump doesn't allow External linking, (pictures to be shown
from your site onto other companys sites) is this true?

At 03/15/2001 11:13 AM we wrote -

We have updated our server software to prevent users from serving
files or images from WebJump to pages hosted on other services. We
had to implement this change because some users were using our
service for file storage and weren't actually hosting their sites
with us (so our banners don't get any impressions). This does
prevent users from drawing images from WebJump servers for display
on web pages hosted on other services such as Ebay. It is
unfortunate, but was necessary to prevent abuse of our resources. We
apoligize if this lessens your enjoyment of our service.

Hm..anyone else written to other companys *grumbles*?
I like the "We Wrote.." So anyone got sites that can be used?

Couple thoughts

Currently we have nearly 10,000 users signed up to receive news from LiveJournal - I talked to Brad briefly and he said they stopped with a newsletter and opted for the news journals instead - the thing is, out of 9667 people, we have only ~400 people actually watching the news journal.

To add on to a discussion in Will's post, what would stop us from sending a weekly summary/report on how LiveJournal is doing, and all of the extraneous news and whatnot?

Mart also suggested the idea of subscribing to the N journals (news, loserjabber, and lj_win32 for now); having a week's synopsis in your in-box rather than having to mill through the journal.

Could we have people working on a newsletter, and every week have a plain text and HTML version ready to send to people?

And would it also work by sending news along with a paid account's "stats", provided we ever implement a counter for them?
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(no subject)

I was wondering if in the new style system, there would be a way for designers of a style to put a bit of text on the Edit Style page / Modify Journal page. You know, like a description to it where we could say something like "The strong background is for behind the text, the weak text is for the links" that sort of thing. I think this would greatly reduce confusion -- I know when I changed (back in the day) from default to Punquin Elegant, it took a bit of guessing to figure out which colors did what.

Just a thought. :o)
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