March 7th, 2001


er.. contest?

let people make mood icon sets. give away something cool for really good ones and let everyone use the winners. more options are always a plus. I know I'd get in on the contest. or maybe just a way to submit mood icon sets. just an idea....

Pardon me if it's been mentioned before

I'm not sure if people realize this, but you can override the Punquin Style font-wise :

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
font {font: 10pt Times New Roman, sans serif; }

Simply use the "font" setting instead of the "body,td"

Been meaning to post that for a while, but never got around to it. Thanks to Macheide for reminding me.

I need volunteers!

I need to get the following tasks completed:

1> A person to design a website for . I was going to do this myself, but everytime I start to get into it, something else more immediate pulls me away.

2> I need someone to create and administer a maillist (majordomo?) that will be used to distribute LiveJournal press releases to the media.

3> I also need some kind of web-based form for people to add/remove themselves from the maillist. The maillist should not require confirmation by the recipient to be part of the list, since we want LiveJournal users to be able to add their local media contacts to the list... but the press releases we send should allow people to opt out. Ideally, we would prevent the same user from being added to the list more than once.

If any of you want to bite off a piece of this task, it would be very much appreciated... otherwise, I will have to but you all again. ;)

Any takers? -