February 18th, 2001


YAFR: Yet another feature request...

We need to make sure that LiveJournal can provide better support for external website "Slashdot-like" applications... and that means we need another category of people who can make comments...

Rather than just having the options for how you can post as:
Logged in User
LiveJournal User

how about adding:
Non-LiveJournal User
name: _______ email addr: __________

They will get a message after their post, saying:
An e-mail has been sent to your account. Please reply to the e-mail and hit send to verify your e-mail address. Your post will be added once your e-mail address is verified.

These posts would show up as :
Joeblow (non-LJ)
Although replies to their post would be sent to them in e-mail, standard users would have no way of determining their actual e-mail addresses. Administrators would be able to look up which e-mail address such posts came from, however.

I would also add a field under anonymous, allowing anon people to post with a name. These would be shown in posts as:
Joeblow (anonymous)
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I had a question that I had submitted to the support request thingy, and the answer was no, but ask in LJ_Biz because it might be a good idea.

Simply put, would it be possible to get an option to format any journal (personal, what friends are doing, etc) so that the oldest stuff is at the top and newest is at the bottom? That would make it a lot easier (and more "natural") to read if you wanna follow a thread, especially one with lots of entries (like the what are my friends doing list).
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(no subject)

Just something I've noticed today...
I see theres space for "msn username" but their isn't actually enough room to put your whole e-mail address which will kind of make it hard for people to know what isp your using and so make it hard for anyone to find you from it.

Feature Request for Support (This one is simple, I think.)

Would it be possible to have all of the userinfo links in the Support section go directly to the mode=full page?

When I look for userinfo on someone requesting help, I nearly always have to click a second time to get the mode=full version (for account history, posting access, etc.). Also, when someone wants userinfo for someone leaving a response, the most relevant item is the number of support points, visible only on the mode=full page.