February 17th, 2001


Don't know if anyone will care, but...

Yo, with all of the talk of intranet LiveJournal stuffage, I brought up the use of it to my director, now that we're trying to talk to an investor (I hate how companies go from dead and dissmantling, to scrambling to make presentations to investors within a week...).

I suggested trying out the livejournal system for communication, since that seems to be what killed us in the past (having poor communication, that is).

I got the authority to try, but the person running the server is going to be in london during the week I need to write it (this week), so it's going to be a crappy perl hack on flat files (you'll need to pay me to learn postgres;) using the main journal system, the friends list, and basic communities. This is for a purely private groupware system, it will never be publicly released.

So, if brad or whomever doesn't like me doing this, please yell away. Otherwise, allow this to be a case study for the intranet systems you talk so much about.

If it works for us, the Real Thing might work better for everyone else, ne?
  • giapet

(no subject)

So I had an idea, and I had no clue where to post it, and someone told me here, so I'm posting it here.
I thought it'd be really cool if there was a security level where only logged-in members of LJ could view certain entries, so that if, for example, my mother finds a link to my LJ, and clicks it, she won't see some entries, but someone else with a username can view them. Because otherwise I'd have to get EVERY LJ member's username and make a group of them so only they could see it, and that just wouldn't work.
I dunno much about the practical application of that, all the coding and stuff, but it'd be cool if you could do it.
  • roshi

(no subject)

something i've really got to bring up. since communites came in, a bunch of them have been created. they're really good so far. except, the only styles that are available to communities are the default lj style, and punquin's style. now, punquin's style doesn't have altposter image support for communities, the last time i looked. i dare say the majority of communities are free accounts. can we get altposter stuff added to punquin's style, or perhaps bring in an alternative style with altposter support for communities? the default style is, well, sufficient, but, it's still quite ugly [IMHO]

i realise the new style system is being worked on. i hope the old styles will still work, or be compatible, or something. i don't mind making styles in the current system, but i'd really be peeved if my old styles stopped working because of the new system. what's the status of compatibility between the 2 systems?