February 2nd, 2001

Site Map Update

I have received confirmation from Brad that I will be updating the site map. It should be updated soon and hopefully, the link to the site map will appear on the sidebar very soon. Just thought everyone should know.
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Just my opinion

The page explaining that servers are busy says something to the affect of thanks to paid accounts we can continue buying new servers... I refreshed and got where I was going before I could save the exact line.

It implied to me that LJ has brought in plenty of money and so long as there is a need for new servers - they'll just appear as needed almost. We all know that is not true but just reading it quickly as I did my first thought was that people might read it as such. Maybe it would be better to say something like so long as we have paid accounts supporting us then we will continue to have the ability to buy new servers... Err I dunno not that exactly but I think you know what I mean, maybe :P

Graphic request

I need a little 16x16 transparent GIF of a "help icon" ... maybe a white question mark on a blue circle or something .... or whatever. Some places in the site I use (help), some places I use (?) .... we need to get consistent and use a purty little icon.
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Okay, my syndication script has all the bugs out now, I think, so I'm going to let it run for a few hours just to make sure. For those who didn't follow the dev conversation, basically this lets you add news sites to your friends list, and have it updated hourly.

Now, the question becomes what sites do we want to syndicate. My script can easily syndicate another site, given
  1. An RSS (also called RDF) file of the contents of the website
  2. More importantly, a way to compare URLs for the article being syndicated to find out which one is more recent. Freshmeat, for example can't do this. To syndicate any of these sites would effectively require one script per site, which I'm not willing to write now.

Currently the script does Slashdot, Kuro5hin, Advogato, and Gnotices. I know this isn't all the sites it could possibly support. So if you have a site that meets these requirements and you want it syndicated, post here and I'll see what I can do.

Update: All syndicated accounts will be made friends of the syndicated user.