January 29th, 2001


The comm_news new style is up, and I'm interested in seeing how it renders in different browsers. Currently all I have is IE and Amaya, and they look fine on those, but I don't want to leave Netscape out or anything. I'm still taking volunteers that would like to work on it, so anyone who's stuck on how to help LiveJournal but knows how to write decent "articles" or write ups or whatever, you can email me at opiummmm@livejournal.com

LiveJournal Communities vs. Yahoo!/E-Groups

I am currently writing up something for the press that basically tells them who LiveJournal is and why what we have to offer people should be taken seriously.

I was getting into the topic of user-created online communities, and I wanted to have a comparison, so I picked a semi-obvious one, Yahoo! Groups / Egroups. I wanted to do some basic statistics to show why I believed LiveJournal communities to be significantly more interactive and better... but I was surprised at just how right my assumption was.

To come up with my statistics, I took five clearly defined LiveJournal communities (Pagan, bondagefaeries, vegetarian, bisexual, anime) and compared them with their closest Yahoo! Groups comparison. (Pagan, hentai, vegetarian recipes, bisexual, anime).

I calculated the number of all posts and replies over the course of January so far for each group, and divided that result by the number of members for the group. This, essentially, gives us an average amount of posts per member. The higher the number, the more active the group is.

And now, the results:

Yahoo! Groups / E-groups

Group Av. posts per member for January

pagan 169/701=.24
hentai 404/2334=.17
vegetarian 54/240=.22
bisexual 170/393 = .43
anime 20/195=.10

Overall average: 817/3863= .21 posts per member per month

LiveJournal Communities

Group Av. posts per member for January

pagan 52/67=.78
bond.faer. 57/30=1.9
vegetarian 172/77=2.23
bisexual 521/126 =4.13
anime 198/23=8.6

Overall average: 1000/323= 3.09 posts per member per month.

In other words, our online communities may be nearly 15 times more active per user than Yahoo!/E-groups. If any of you have the time to examine a few other groups in the same manner so we can develop more accurate statistics, I would very much appreciate it, and will update our statistics to reflect what you find out.

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I'll be posting this to a few different communities, so pardon it's redundancy...

I'm working on a style for comm_news, comm_news being a sort of newspaper for LiveJournal. I have the tendency to design pages using IE, and I'm very weak at fixing them for Netscape.

This style has had a few rendering errors, mainly in Netscape, and I need help fixing them. See this post for details.

If you have the means, the style id # is 12790 for the most recent entries view.

(and yes, I borrowed the design from anandtech.com)
(and no, I don't even have Netscape *bad web designer*)
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Press Pack

Why don't we create an Media/Press Pack and have it available online? Once this are available, anyone could download this pack to find out more about LJ, its number of membership base, what are our aims, short interview from Brad, our LJ logos/banner/graphics, etc, so they could use that information to publish to their newsletter, newspaper, etc.

What do you think? I think this would be good because it brings in more people without having us to do some work. (well, apart from creating a pack for this)