January 16th, 2001

LiveJournal Goes Wireless !

Or at least the headlines would read that if this idea does actually become a reality.

I was encouraged by insomnia to put this actually ON the community instead of a node.

Anyways, I brought up the idea of setting up LiveJournal with some WAP Pages. For those of you who are not current on computer terminology, WAP stands for (W)ireless (A)pplication (P)rotocol. In short, the internet on your cell phone.

Doing this would allow users to access LiveJournal from ANYWHERE (99.9% of wireless internet devices use WAP, and if they don't, then they would support the normal site)

I'm just looking to get user feedback on the idea. It seems (in my mind) to have some valid points. Lets see the LiveJournal competition do THIS. =o)

*singing* We Can Dig it ! *singing*
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blame this on the previous post

This may be somewhat obfuscated, I haven't looked into it in a very long time, but it'd be very cool if lj could be a content provider/channel/whatever they're calling it today for avantgo, which is a web browser for PDAs, that generally uses stored content. I know I tried it before, but it didn't work for some reason. I didn't look too far into it, since back then it wasn't too difficult to catch up before I left in the morning.

This may or may not be possible or necessary. Just wanted to say something 'afore I forgot.

An idea for some press - I hope!

As I commented on the post re: press room, about my intention to email a few of the internet magazines that circulate throughout britain.

It dawned on my I need some information. For instance, Who do I refer them to in order to follow up the story (should they wish to!) Do I refer them to Brad, as he is the creator, or do I refer them to insomnia, as you seem to be the one who drives lj_biz.. Or should I use the lj_biz@livejournal.com email address?

these magazines are pretty cool ".net" "the internet magazine" and "the net" are 3 of whom I intend to contact. They are all widely circulated and bought so if we can get Livejournal in, it should receive a fair amount of visitors, if not new users.

If you can give me any suggestions of who to refer them to then I will get to it ASAP.
They will most likely want to speak to either the creator (brad) or someone else who can offer detail of Livejournal.

When I contact them i'll forward on what I sent to them

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lj_dev !

After repeated proddings with a pointed stick, Brad has finally started making use of lj_dev... and it's growing like hotcakes, already reaping benefits of a better, more active flow of development-related communication.

I want that to increase. We have a lot of potential developers listed in the lj_biz Talent Pool. Would someone be willing to email those individuals listed in the Talent Pool who have serious skills with coding and/or network infrastructure and let them know that they can participate in the lj_dev community by contacting brad for posting privs and then posting to the list with their skill set? It should be as simple as writing a nice form letter and getting it out to all of them.

We need to scale our development and Brad can't do it all himself. If you are up to taking care of this task, please reply below. Thanks! -M.

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Something to read for community owners

Ok, I don't know if this was sanctioned or what not, but I liked the initiative shown here : (Community_promo)

We want to promote the communities on the Internet ( with a capital I) So here's the plan. Keep in mind this is a liquid process and can and will be changed.

I have started the process of listing some of our active communities with DMOZ which feeds about 200 search engines. So for instance if the community is Anxiety/Panic, I listed them under the sub-heading Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Anxiety and Panic: Support Groups. That should get some sort of initial response from the WWW at large.

Next, the bigger challenge. Finding individual sites that are willing to link back to our communities. The community maintainers are the best resource for this but may not have the time, etc. to do it. That's what we are here for.

So, here are a couple of options. You can and really, should drum up support within your own communities, find out where people go for information and either pass those links on to me, or try to get listed on your own. Every little bit counts. Try to let me know if you got a link.

Second, if you have your own home page, link to your community and to LiveJournal from there. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. More members equal more lively discussions!

If you can help, please let me know. Other wise I am ready willing and able.

Thanks all......

Contact Cora Chaos if you want to help on this one.