January 15th, 2001


LiveJournal Press Room

As you all know, we are going to be doing a lot of work with LiveJournal to promote the site. I have talked to Brad a bit regarding this and came up with some general thoughts:

We want additional credibility and media attention, but we also want to make sure we get the right message across and target specific types of users. Right now, the one thing that makes LJ so interesting is our focus on community. It isn't a static, boring web logger, but it's an interactive online community. Are the people who use LiveJournal really representative of the average people using the Internet, however? I don't think so... There are certain key groups that seem to be present in LJ to a greater degree than on the big mainstream web sites. The unique demographics of LJ seem to be a big part of the key for why LiveJournal is so interesting.

These groups are:

Women - Currently, 58% of LiveJournal's users are women. This is a good thing and is quite rare for an online community. Personally, without getting heavily into gender and gender stereotypes, I think it encourages emotion-based content (interesting), helps foster an environment of acceptance, and provides sufficient peer pressure to reduce the excesses of jerks/creeps. ;)

Nerds - Yes nerds. Interesting nerds, at that. People who know and love technology, and who also tend to have very open, intellectually stimulating minds.

Artists - Well, maybe they aren't all artists, but they are artistic... and artistic journals are usually interesting journals. Artists also tend to be progressive thinkers and skilled creators. If people see great, artistic journals that function in creative ways, they will be inspired to be more artistic and creative themselves. Creativity is contagious, and helps to combat boring journals.

Alternative Lifestyles - A huge amount of people on LJ have what can only be called alternative lifestyles of one form or another. We have lots of people into just about every alternative category you can think of... name your sexual orientation/kink. It's all there. We also have communities for many of these categories which can be promoted. Do people like to go online and voyeuristically take a peek at such journals? Yup. Sex sells, especially on the Internet. Do these journals encourage an environment of acceptance where people can express their thoughts and ideas openly? Yes... that too.

International Users - Having different viewpoints is very important... and frankly, most non-Americans have different viewpoints than Americans. C'est bon. People also have an interest in faraway places and how people live across the world. We can give them a first-hand glimpse into the rest of the world.

In addition, I also want to attract more minority users to LiveJournal, if possible. Minorities are under-represented online, and LiveJournal has already had several cases of what could only be called racist journals and journal entries. I want to discourage this, of course, and I think the best way to do so is to encourage diversity. It's all too easy for people to blindly hate races, but it is harder to hate people... especially when they open themselves up to us, share their feelings, and reveal their essential humanity.
How will we get the press' attention? Here's my plan. I have requested Brad to create a room for the press. (No, don't look for it yet... it's not there.) It will contain a photo gallery, press releases, maybe some story ideas, a professional looking background document on LJ (a color .pdf document) and a place where either a press member or an LJ user could enter an e-mail address to be added to a press release mail list. (Duplicate submissions would be ignored.) This will allow LiveJournal volunteers to research press contacts and enter in their e-mail addresses, of course. People added to the list would initially receive an e-mail with the LJ backgrounder I mentioned attached to the e-mail. They could always opt off the list, of course.

What this press room will give us is effectively a shotgun, empowering LJ's users to contact the media around the world and generate a buzz. At the same time though, many of the e-mail addresses submitted will be submitted by volunteers that I will be targeting somewhat towards the groups mentioned above. That, combined with a message that is targeted to attract diverse groups of individuals, will get us the demographics that we want... ones similar to what we already have. We'll grow, yet stay much the same as we are today, and if any particular demographic becomes underrepresented, we could always retarget the message and the volunteers.

We have had several interested volunteers step forth to tackle the content we will need for this page. I will be working with them in the replies to this post to hammer out what we are going to do, what we are going to say, and how we will make it all work. Feel free to observe the replies, since most of them will hopefully be from the volunteers in question. You can post sparingly yourself if you have something important to contribute that will move us towards getting the press site completed, but please, don't overdo it. I make it a habit of replying to the great majority of my e-mail, but I don't want to have to spend a weekend dealing with hundreds of posts again anytime soon! ;-)

live.livejournal.com's new maintainer!

I am turning over the operation of live.livejournal.com to the most excellent qlurker! He will not only turn live.livejournal.com into the LiveJournal site for what LJ activities are going on in "real life", but will also work on promoting the site within LJ so that people who create live events will contact him whenever they do something cool that people might want to see/listen to/go to/experience.

So, what kind of live events can/should be posted on live.livejournal.com?
Here's an idea:
- "Real-life" events sponsored by LJ or a LJ community (parties, meetings, movies, dinners...)
- "Real-life" public performances
- pre-planned LJ-oriented chat events
- pre-planned online games or collaborative events
- free live webcam shows
- publicly available exhibitions, such as art exhibitions
- free live audio and/or video events streamed on the Internet

Got a live event? Send an email to live@livejournal.com!

Got a talent for games?

No, not just playing games... I'm looking for volunteer(s) who may know a bit about creating web-based multiplayer gaming environments. Poker, trivia, and whatever else you little lunatics want to indulge in!

You see, I snagged games.livejournal.com... and I thought it would make an excellent place for online games to be accessible from. Personally, I would like to see games hosted on LJ servers, but if we have to link to something not on LJ and not full of banner ads, I can deal with it. The main goal is that it should be multiplayer so that we can interact together!

In addition to an array of multiplayer games, I would also like the journal page to contain postings from LJ gamers who are looking for partners to play other multiplayer games online. (Multiplayer games of Diablo II and the like...)

I want to form a small team of people to get games.livejournal.com set up... at which point, I will turn it over to someone. Anyone(s) up to the challenge?


LJ Radio.

This is a copy/paste from this post, you might want to look there for previous comments.

That LJ Radio Thing.
Hey all, I needed to get a wider opinion on this before I wasted time working on it, so I made this public post. If you think it's a good idea, comment and consider linking it in your own journal. If it seems worth-while, I might talk to some other higher-ups about it, or whatever is needed.

I have probably heard a few others mumble or suggest this sometime in the past, or one might be running one -- get on with it? Sure.

LiveJournal Radio Station. Music is played (of creation of livejournal users, or in such a way that no one has to pay licensing, I don't like that at all.), people can submit journal readings, verbal entries, talkshows (if possible), etc. Current livejournal news or livejournal-wide happenings read (just like a normal newscast), and so forth and so on. If we do get music, I could make timed castings or multiple channels for different tastes.

Probably at least two different quality streams. If you care, 56kbps and 24kbps are what is in my mind.

I can do a decent amount of fun setting up a shoutcast system, or encoding/re-encoding data for play. People could send wavs or 56-128kbps mp3s/oggs/waves (preferr against mp3s for licensing issues) of their read journals, and I'll put them into place, etc...

I would probably need some volunteers to give me news readings a few times per week. I will try to do a bunch myself, but there's only so much I can do before my family finds out what I'm doing :)

I have the equipment, I have the software, I have experience with this, and I'd like to know if this is a good idea, suggestions of things that can be done with it, etc.
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O.o Inqueries

Okay, seems my idea for LJ banners hit something, onward..
-Will the link page thing to see LJ Users Comments that they have posted and or received ever be up and running?
-Will the number of interests be enforced anytime soon O.o?
Thanks, Jae
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userpic help thing updated yet again

i know i keep posting about this but i'd like to get these pages up and running in an official way. i emailed brad about it so it's in the works. he also offered to host the pages on the lj servers... i would do this as they're currently on my slightly dodgy freebie site server in the uk somewhere. if i do this, i need to figure out a way to be able to update the pages regularly as the user list will slowly grow over time. i know that you just email changes to the faq or something, seraph, how does that work?

additional: it appears that's there a big demand for nifty banners and buttons for lj. i know there's some 468 x 80 banners, that's the most common banner size on the internet [and it's also the largest]. other standardized banner-type image sizes are 400 x 40 banners and 88 x 31 buttons... i'm willing to make some different link images if people tell me what they want [ie goth black banner, cool shiny buttons, whatever]

anyway... stuff!