Chestnut Girl (chrissmari) wrote in lj_biz,
Chestnut Girl

I am seriously not bringing this up out of begging, but rather out of curiosity from my years of LJ watching.

Will there be a point where Paid accounts get upgraded to perm accounts.
I will use my journal for example, but like I said, it's not for my own gain
Payment 11/23/00
And 4 subsequent 25 dollar payments

Do you see what I mean? Over the course of my having a journal 125 dollars has been paid. Which is more than the cost of a permanent account. Not all of the payments were made by me but the money still went to LJ just the same.

What I'm thinking about I guess is..
Something where early adopters (or users from before a certain date) would become permanent members when they pay the amount of money equal to the amount from a perm accounts sale. I think it's a way of rewarding people who have been consistently supporting the site.

Good side:
Good customer relations
(I really don't want to keep pouring money into this, as much as I love LJ when people who did a 100 one time deal get more than I have).

Bad side:
Loss of revenue from steady customers. (Though I know *I* buy people 2 month accounts all the time.)

My degree is in Political Science. I’m not a business/econ kind of person, but it does make sense to me, as we are coming upon the time when original paid users will have put 4 years into the system.

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