December 13th, 2000


Communities are here!

Brad is kicking some serious boo-tay! He was obviously too bored to deal with his finals... so he did this!

See the change at the top of the page? It's called a community. Infact, lj_biz is now a community! The community idea is based on an idea I had before...

my original idea...

... and it will soon have the functionality necessary to allow all of you to create your own online communities!

Think about it... communities that are non-commercial... where you control the look and feel... where you control all the html... and where you can add interesting features like chat and webcam images and calendars and scheduling tools and whiteboards and voice chat and games and polls and ... well, whatever else you want to link to/embed in your community page! You literally could run a business (or a non-profit... or an organization... or an open-source programming project...etc.) with a LJ community. I would much rather organize people towards a common goal using LiveJournal than trying to do it using a site like e-groups. How can you build an online community without the community, after all?

LJ will, of course, develop enhanced community-oriented features for these communities (and for journals) in the future, which should give all of you a chance to collaborate with ease... want to organize local events? Coffees? Dinner and a movie?! Maybe a trip to Disneyland or a New Year's Party? All you'd need is to make a community for the area where you live... and support for that is coming too!

All this makes me happy... but it will positively elate me in the future when people really start to push the limits. This is literally the biggest thing that I think LJ can do... to take this great online community we all contribute to and to start making real, offline differences in our lives.