December 5th, 2000


TOS violations...

I wanted to suggest a consistent method for all those involved in support to address reported TOS violations. Here is my suggested method:

1. Examine the TOS and determine what sections of the TOS the user may have violated. If you are unable to find a TOS violation, let the party who reported the violation know that fact, and let them know they can examine the TOS at . Let them know they can re-submit their complaint if they can clearly show an incident that constitutes a TOS violation.

2. Examine the offending post(s) and determine what content is not an offense of the TOS, but is protected freedom of speech.

3. If you reasonably suspect that a serious crime has been or may be committed, especially one that could threaten someone's life, contact the local authorities and seek advice on the proper steps to take. Contact BradFitz so that we can determine the user's IP address, as it may be needed for investigative purposes.

4. If no serious crime has been threatened or committed, contact the offending party and let them know specifically what sections of the TOS they violated. Give them the link to the TOS. Give them 72 hours to edit their LJ so that they aren't in violation. Let them know that if they fail to respond within that time period, their account will be referred to an administrator for account cancelation, as provided for in the TOS. Make it very clear that we respect their rights to free speech, but that the specific parts of their post that violated the TOS are not acceptable. Do NOT mention who reported the TOS violation. Keep the report anonymous!

5. Let the user who issued the complaint know that you have contacted the offender and that they have been given a reasonable amount of time to address the complaint. Let them know specifically what the TOS violations were and make it clear that all other content the user posted does not have to be deleted, since it is protected by free speech rights.

6. Follow up after 72 hours, or escalate the issue to make sure that someone else (either I or Brad, probably) does. If the user is still in violation of the TOS, escalate the issue to Brad immediately for account cancelation.

So, does everyone think this to be a reasonable policy? Can one of the support people make it known/available to others who do support so that this can be the consistent method of addressing these issues? Ramie, should this be in a FAQ somewhere?

- M.

James Dean - Mannequin

Lame idea but...

Ok I know a lot of people WANT To help out and just don't know where to begin or get frustrated...

Maybe for those who want to help out - on the bio page there (in addition to interests, etc) could be an option to list ways in which you would like to help... like with style issues, graphics, html, technical, .bml, etc. Then everyone would have out there what they could help with, and those working on projects would easily have access to a list of people who have offered up their support in that field.

The only real issues I would see with this are those people who really would NOT help or who could not truly help with those skills that they listed - that could get frustrating. Still, people would feel like their offers were there... Their skills listed... After awhile Brad, Mark, Evan, etc would all know who will truly be of help to them and who would not be able to help with other things... but when those regular people assisting them were not available they would have easy access to others who might be able to take over a piece of a project.

For example, when petfish offered to help that offer was almost lost somehow in the comments here... Not everyone who wants to help realizes that this is here... That they can be granted access to make posts. And certainly not everyone out there who would volunteer their skils even knows that they can. Not that we need everyone on the journals posting "Html" as their volunteer skill (like I would do) but... for those talented people hiding out there in LJ land some way of sharing that they are ready, willing, and able it would be nice.

Want to be

There's been a bit of talk about how much there is to talk about here, but how little there is to do... well, that's going to change soon enough!

We have an opening for a volunteer to take on the role of You would be responsible for resolving all abuse complaints for LJ and would be supervised/assisted/filled in for by me, as needed.

You would follow the resolution process as described at and interpret the Terms of Service appropriately. You would nicely try to get people to comply with the TOS, making it clear exactly how they violated the TOS and what our policy is regarding the consequences of TOS violations. You would also contact the person who complained about the TOS violation and let them know what actions (if any) you are taking. In addition, you will be expected to follow up on TOS complaints to make sure that the TOS breech is corrected within the specified time period, and, if not, to escalate the issue to Brad. You will also be expected to keep a record (.txt file) of all confirmed TOS violators and escalate the issue to me in the event that someone becomes a repeat offender.

Qualifications are:
tact, discretion, and good persuasive writing skills
the ability to clearly and fairly interpret the LiveJournal TOS
attention to detail

TOS violations can be pretty interesting, but I don't have the time to deal with them. If anyone is interested, please post a response. In the event of multiple entrants, I will give each of you a test case to resolve, and decide who our new "LiveJournal Master/Mistress of Abuse" will be!

So, what are you waiting for? Reply already! -M.