December 1st, 2000

James Dean - Mannequin

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Ok people, especially those of you who help out in support:

If you find anything that does not already have a FAQ, have added info for a FAQ (mostly for clients other than the Windows & web ones, help or tricks that the others have not come forward with, etc) let me know.

Between Brad, Dakus in support, questions that come up in support a lot, and myself we have covered the most obvious issues in the FAQs already.

New issues do still come up or for whatever reason myself and the others may not realize that a issue is important enough / wide spread enough to create a new FAQ...

I plan on downloading all of the current FAQs soon (maybe this weekend) and making them all nice and proper - checking spelling, grammar, making sure they are clear enough, etc.

If you do by chance have something that the FAQs should address and have written it up all nice and pretty already send it my way (it will show as updated by me, but I'm by no means an egomaniac so your fix can have your name/link to your journal as credit - if you want it to.. if you don't want that kind of attention then I shall leave your name off of it).

  • steve

(no subject)

Ok, I guess it's my turn. To everyone who hasn't gotten one of my many e-mail messages on the LJ mailing list, I'm Steve and basically I've been trying to help out with as much random business stuff as possible. It has always been my belief that LJ has a lot of potential, but isn't really capitalizing off of it. If I had to name one strength that LJ has, it is community. The fact that there are people even reading this goes to show that people who use LJ, usually do so actively and participate in the community. This is a tremendous thing for the service and should be one of the starting points for whatever type of campaign LJ chooses to launch. Mark's "Adopt-a-newbie" plan is a prime example of this strength.

But more needs to be done. There are many users who create a LJ account but then leave the service after a short while. We need to find out why. Is it a problem with the service, or are the people just too lazy to update? If it is the service, what can we do to improve the problem? If the people are too lazy, maybe we can make something easier. We should start by understanding the community and understanding the LJ user. People here have traditionally not been afraid to express their opinions. We must take those suggestions and criticisms and use them to our advantage.

On the technical side, once Brad has some of the new and very exciting features set up, plus the new servers and user interface, I think we can look forward to building LJ into an extremely dynamic community that can really be adapted to everyone's needs. It can become a meeting space for the entire community as well as other groups who may form their own sub-communities.

I guess I'm getting ahead of myself here, so I'll basically reinforce what Mark has said, that all input is welcome. What will make LJ unique is that the community will be building the community. I think other community type sites have not faired as well because the infrastructure has not been as open to the community as LJ has been. Thanks...
  • paul

Hey up..

Er yeah, I'm just posting in here to say hi, I'm planning to help LJ in someway possible when I get the chance, Mark says he is doing a to-do list, when that is done hopefully I will be able to find something to fit me. But this is just a Hi-all.

Yeah :-)