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Something to read for community owners

Ok, I don't know if this was sanctioned or what not, but I liked the initiative shown here : (Community_promo)

We want to promote the communities on the Internet ( with a capital I) So here's the plan. Keep in mind this is a liquid process and can and will be changed.

I have started the process of listing some of our active communities with DMOZ which feeds about 200 search engines. So for instance if the community is Anxiety/Panic, I listed them under the sub-heading Health: Mental Health: Disorders: Anxiety and Panic: Support Groups. That should get some sort of initial response from the WWW at large.

Next, the bigger challenge. Finding individual sites that are willing to link back to our communities. The community maintainers are the best resource for this but may not have the time, etc. to do it. That's what we are here for.

So, here are a couple of options. You can and really, should drum up support within your own communities, find out where people go for information and either pass those links on to me, or try to get listed on your own. Every little bit counts. Try to let me know if you got a link.

Second, if you have your own home page, link to your community and to LiveJournal from there. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. More members equal more lively discussions!

If you can help, please let me know. Other wise I am ready willing and able.

Thanks all......

Contact Cora Chaos if you want to help on this one.

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