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Fezziwig Fandango

Setting Up Your Own Web Log

Today's Wall Street Journal has a small feature on web logs that includes a mention of LiveJournal. I couldn't find it online, so I'll excerpt the LJ part. It's an interesting look on how we're seen by others.

The short article itself only mentions LJ in one paragraph:
LiveJournal, which costs $25 a year - or free if a current user refers you - permits only very tiny photos. Its best feature is its community-like structure that lets you easily meet other bloggers with similar interests.
In a table, WSJ compares Blogger.com, AOL Journals, TypePad.com (their favorite, although rather pricey), Userland.com and LJ. The LJ part is:
  • Name/Price: Livejournal.com
    Free if you're recommened by a current user; $25 a year.
  • Best Feature: A sense of community that links you to other bloggers with similar interests.
  • Ease of Use: Piece of cake.
  • Snafu: Lack of features, like photos, that many other programs offered.
  • Comment: If you really want to interact with other Bloggers, use this. But many users are on the young side.
Fairly factual, but I'm not sure they really get the difference between icons, posted photos and photo hosting.

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