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LiveJournal in PC Magazine

In the September 2 issue of PC Magazine they have a round-up of various blog/journal services including LiveJournal, Blogger, Weblogger, and Lycos Blog Builder.

LiveJournal is a simple, elegant service that's perfect for those on a budget who want to create a no-frills blog. The service isn't loaded with features, but it is possible to participate without a monthly fee.

Accounts are free only if you can get an account code from an existing member. The owners say this keeps the online community tight and prevents abuse posters from signing up. If you don't recieve an invitation from a member, you'll need to purchase membership.

LiveJournal encourages even free members to kick some money in and help pay for the site. Paying ges you a fe extra perks, such as an e-mail account, a shorter URL, multiple user pictures, and the ability to cusotmize the site template with HTML.

LiveJournal offers 13 themes. Though some are jarring to the eye, you can customize all the colors. But making selections isn't easy, since the site's Journal Modification page dosen't offer template or color previews. You need to pick a theme or color, click to save the changes, then reload a page from the site to view the change.

Blogs can be updated online, but LiveJournal also offers links to a number of third-party desktop tools for posting new content, including apps that work with Palm and Windows-based handhelds as well as cell phones. You can set your blog to accept user comments, but you can't upload pictures to your entries.

Verdict: 2/5

For comparison, Blogger got a 3/5, Weblogger a 3/5, and Lycos topped out at 4/5.

It really sounds like they either didn't poke around the site enough or completely passed over alot of options. No previews? What are they smoking? And it seems they didn't even touch S2. Are these options really that hard for newbies to find? I wonder when they actually looked at the site...

Still, it might be worthwhile for the folks at Danga to pick up this issue and have a look at what the "general public" is going to think about LJ after reading these reviews.

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