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Reduction of operating costs

Hey y'all,

Well I was thinking about the development of the lj business (I have only been a part of this community for about 30 minutes, had a lj for about 2 weeks) and I was thinking that to reduce operating costs you could consider a merger? Find some small blogger site and offer them a deal to merge with lj (of course lj being the dominant company). This might prove good for the other company and lj...with reduced operational costs you can boost profit and with the new company boost your net worth (which I know means nothing to you). It might also bring some new features to lj which you can either make available to everyone or paid accounts...and another benefit is you might find a better way to do things (not trying to insult anyone). Any number of good things could come from it if you find the right small blogger site. If you need help finding sites or negotiating mergers let me know and I can help.

Just a rambling idea :)


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