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LiveJournal Goes Wireless !

Or at least the headlines would read that if this idea does actually become a reality.

I was encouraged by insomnia to put this actually ON the community instead of a node.

Anyways, I brought up the idea of setting up LiveJournal with some WAP Pages. For those of you who are not current on computer terminology, WAP stands for (W)ireless (A)pplication (P)rotocol. In short, the internet on your cell phone.

Doing this would allow users to access LiveJournal from ANYWHERE (99.9% of wireless internet devices use WAP, and if they don't, then they would support the normal site)

I'm just looking to get user feedback on the idea. It seems (in my mind) to have some valid points. Lets see the LiveJournal competition do THIS. =o)

*singing* We Can Dig it ! *singing*

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