Tommy (tommyx) wrote in lj_biz,

Yeah this is Biz because apparently its affecting more and more people. What I'm talking about is SPAM coming to the address and this isn't good. Its supposed to be able to block spiders/bots, etc. from being able to harvest if you check the check box to scramble your addy, but for some reason or other SPAM is getting through. Is there a hole or something that's causing this? I haven't gotten over 100 ridiculous emails ranging from Viagra to Debbie does Dallas as some have, but I have noticed a substancial increase over this past month coming to my address. Hopefully something can be done about this because people go to great extent to prevent spam and hate it as much as I do. Maybe its not LJ at all, just the spammers becoming more clever, but I do think it deserves a look see.

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