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Blogging Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series

hmm... did anyone here know about this? seems that it was posted on the MS website last week (April 22nd)
(scroll down to the middle of the page)

Blogging Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series
Add more personality to your blog with this plug-in that adds the artist, song, and album name to the Windows Media Player 9 Series title bar. Blogging clients like LiveJournal, w.bloggar, Semagic, and others can then easily add that information to your next entry while you compose.

What's a Blog?
An online Web log, or "blog," is a personal Web page featuring thoughts, links, and journal entries you share with the world. Over the past few years blogging popularity has snowballed as more and more people are connecting with each other online. Showing visitors whether you’re in the mood for metal, rap, baroque, or jazz while you work on your blog is a great way to enrich your site with personal information.

Which Blogging Clients Support This Plug-in?
LiveJournal Client for Windows (LJ_Win32)

What Hosting Providers and Solutions Are Supported? (via w.bloggar)
LiveJournal (via w.bloggar, Semagic, LJ_Win32)
MoveableType (via w.bloggar)
Blogger (via w.bloggar)
B2 (via w.bloggar)
Nucleus (via w.bloggar)
BigBlogTool (via w.bloggar)
BlogWorks.XML (via w.bloggar)
Blogalia (via w.bloggar)
Drupal (via w.bloggar)

Other systems may also be compatible. Contact your favorite blog developer and ask them to support the blogging plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series.

How can a Blog developer add support for this plug-in?
To add support to your Web, Microsoft Visual Basic®, or C/C++ application, download these code samples. Note: Code samples are not supported.

and yes, this plugin thing actually works... (i have to admit that i'm kind of surprised)

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