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I thought someone here might find this vaguely interesting.

I figured out the rough chance for someone to have an LJ, by state. I got this number by dividing the 2002 extrapolated census data for each state by the number of LJ users that are registered for each state. While the numbers could be wildly inaccurate due to multiple journals, people not reporting which state they're in, and incorrect census numbers, they're a good base point to get an idea how common LJ members appear in each state.

For the particular demographic of people age 15 - 25, I'd expect frequencies easily three times what these numbers suggest, which would boost chances to a decent percentage, especially for some of the top scoring states.

State 1 in x Chance
Massachusetts 221
Washington 271
New Hampshire 278
Michigan 310
Rhode Island 311
District of Columbia 317
Maine 374
New Jersey 388
Virginia 392
Oregon 404
New York 414
Connecticut 416
California 426
Florida 435
Delaware 449
Pennsylvania 454
Maryland 460
Alaska 467
Arizona 535
Vermont 546
Ohio 556
Hawaii 589
Georgia 590
West Virginia 634
Indiana 636
Minnesota 642
Wisconsin 676
Texas 678
Illinois 694
Nevada 724
North Carolina 746
Louisiana 755
Colorado 777
Alabama 781
Kentucky 781
Tennessee 815
Oklahoma 860
Nebraska 881
Kansas 882
Missouri 896
Iowa 952
Utah 1027
New Mexico 1039
South Carolina 1066
North Dakota 1194
Idaho 1199
Mississippi 1229
Montana 1314
Arkansas 1325
Wyoming 1326
South Dakota 1495
Average based on
states statistics combined
Average based on US
population figures only

I find it interesting that out of the bottom ten states, almost half of them were southern states, and most of the rest were from the southwest region or that inhospitable space between the northwest and midwest of the country. These are areas not known for having major metropolitan areas or very advanced schools.

Looking at the top ten, four of them are New England states, and the vast majority of them are definitely in the northern half of the country.

Washington and Oregon being high on the list make a lot of sense, since those are the states LJ originates from. I'm tempted to guess that the thriving New England local music scene accounts for a lot of the popularity in that region, since having an LJ seems to be so incredibly popular with allxthexcoolxkids.

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