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An idea for some press - I hope!

As I commented on the post re: press room, about my intention to email a few of the internet magazines that circulate throughout britain.

It dawned on my I need some information. For instance, Who do I refer them to in order to follow up the story (should they wish to!) Do I refer them to Brad, as he is the creator, or do I refer them to insomnia, as you seem to be the one who drives lj_biz.. Or should I use the email address?

these magazines are pretty cool ".net" "the internet magazine" and "the net" are 3 of whom I intend to contact. They are all widely circulated and bought so if we can get Livejournal in, it should receive a fair amount of visitors, if not new users.

If you can give me any suggestions of who to refer them to then I will get to it ASAP.
They will most likely want to speak to either the creator (brad) or someone else who can offer detail of Livejournal.

When I contact them i'll forward on what I sent to them


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