Seumas Hyslop (beardoc) wrote in lj_biz,
Seumas Hyslop

Google buys Pyra/Blogger - Implications for LiveJournal

As reported in, Google has bought out Pyra, the company behind Blogger.

The article suggests that there might be moves afoot for other blogging services - and the discussion on Slashdot suggests that this may be because direct access to what people are thinking (in terms of links and or topics) may be valuable data.

Has anyone thought of the value of the data that is possessed for non-identified aggregate data by datamining in the database?

Can anyone think of implications for LJ? Other companies now suddenly interested in blogging properties? Would someone approach LJ?

I'm not looking to turn this in an argument about selling vs not selling LiveJournal - that is Brad's decision - but will this drive up support for LiveJournal?

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