Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in lj_biz,
Jesse Proulx


Brad and I started talking about coming up with a solid type of social contract 1 (à la Debian, DMOZ) where we declare our promises (ones we strive to keep) to the community. It might help to quell some fears if this information can be referenced from one place, like a new page or FAQ or something.

While we were discussing, we came up with a few key points we'd include, so here's our basic outline:
We promise to…
* Stay advertisement free
* Never spam
  - Never sell collected email addresses
  - Never sell harvested user data
* Maintain reliable uptime within the limits of technical considerations
* Support open source movement by contributing software
* Keep permanent accounts for as long as the site lasts
* Maintain a user operated/supported service

We want to flesh this out with help from the community, so what are your ideas?

[1] I realize that "social contract" isn't the best title, coming from an entity like us. Any suggestions on a better title?

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