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LJ Radio.

This is a copy/paste from this post, you might want to look there for previous comments.

That LJ Radio Thing.
Hey all, I needed to get a wider opinion on this before I wasted time working on it, so I made this public post. If you think it's a good idea, comment and consider linking it in your own journal. If it seems worth-while, I might talk to some other higher-ups about it, or whatever is needed.

I have probably heard a few others mumble or suggest this sometime in the past, or one might be running one -- get on with it? Sure.

LiveJournal Radio Station. Music is played (of creation of livejournal users, or in such a way that no one has to pay licensing, I don't like that at all.), people can submit journal readings, verbal entries, talkshows (if possible), etc. Current livejournal news or livejournal-wide happenings read (just like a normal newscast), and so forth and so on. If we do get music, I could make timed castings or multiple channels for different tastes.

Probably at least two different quality streams. If you care, 56kbps and 24kbps are what is in my mind.

I can do a decent amount of fun setting up a shoutcast system, or encoding/re-encoding data for play. People could send wavs or 56-128kbps mp3s/oggs/waves (preferr against mp3s for licensing issues) of their read journals, and I'll put them into place, etc...

I would probably need some volunteers to give me news readings a few times per week. I will try to do a bunch myself, but there's only so much I can do before my family finds out what I'm doing :)

I have the equipment, I have the software, I have experience with this, and I'd like to know if this is a good idea, suggestions of things that can be done with it, etc.

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