Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,

Got a talent for games?

No, not just playing games... I'm looking for volunteer(s) who may know a bit about creating web-based multiplayer gaming environments. Poker, trivia, and whatever else you little lunatics want to indulge in!

You see, I snagged and I thought it would make an excellent place for online games to be accessible from. Personally, I would like to see games hosted on LJ servers, but if we have to link to something not on LJ and not full of banner ads, I can deal with it. The main goal is that it should be multiplayer so that we can interact together!

In addition to an array of multiplayer games, I would also like the journal page to contain postings from LJ gamers who are looking for partners to play other multiplayer games online. (Multiplayer games of Diablo II and the like...)

I want to form a small team of people to get set up... at which point, I will turn it over to someone. Anyone(s) up to the challenge?


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