Delusional Angel (delusionalangel) wrote in lj_biz,
Delusional Angel

Those who are here

Ok first I wanted to thank Mark. You seem to have taken on a fair amount here... I, for one, wanted to tell you that most of us (especially those of use who end up on the most interactive aspects of the running of this site - like here) truly appreciate it.

So we know you, Brad, Evan, etc do a lot. I know I am attempting to work on the FAQs now and will definitely be asking for improvements, etc.

But, now, I wonder what else - if anything - we can do to help out.
Like maybe anyone working on a project that they could use help with could list skills needed, and people could offer up their help.


People here could send you or post here a bio/list of skills of some sort since you seem to be right in the middle of what is going on in all aspects of the site - then when something comes up they could help with you could e-mail them or post here that you have something they could help work on?

I guess, especially when a to-do list is up and running, that is what here is for... Guess I am just wondering for sure how it will all be set up.


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