Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_biz,
lj_biz's new maintainer!

I am turning over the operation of to the most excellent qlurker! He will not only turn into the LiveJournal site for what LJ activities are going on in "real life", but will also work on promoting the site within LJ so that people who create live events will contact him whenever they do something cool that people might want to see/listen to/go to/experience.

So, what kind of live events can/should be posted on
Here's an idea:
- "Real-life" events sponsored by LJ or a LJ community (parties, meetings, movies, dinners...)
- "Real-life" public performances
- pre-planned LJ-oriented chat events
- pre-planned online games or collaborative events
- free live webcam shows
- publicly available exhibitions, such as art exhibitions
- free live audio and/or video events streamed on the Internet

Got a live event? Send an email to!

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