haiduc (fyre) wrote in lj_biz,

Number Crunching

I just crunched some numbers....

According to the LiveJournal Statistics page:

LiveJournal has 37,699 paid accounts.
Assume that each of those paid accounts pays once per year (the cheapest option at $25/year).
This means that livejournal is making at a minimum $942475.00 per year. That's almost one million dollars.
That's pretty impressive.

More numbers:
Assume that 7,699 of those accounts do not renew next year (to give us a nice round figure of 30,000). Now, figure in the fact that $25/12 months is $2.08 per month. This means that LiveJournal would be taking in approximately $62,400.00 per month. Yeah, I'd say they're doing pretty well.

MORE numbers:
There are 741,002 (yeah, and two) free accounts on the LiveJournal system.
Out of those users, 186,141 free accounts have updated in the past week (approximately).
Let's assume that half of those (63,070) people manage to purchase a year's paid account.
That means that LJ would have $1,576,570.00 coming in (on top of their current paid accounts).
That's amazing. Think of what that would mean. Man, LiveJournal could be upgraded to handle the severe server load, and we could do away with the invite code system.

If even half of the 66,143 (approximate) free accounts that have updated in the past 24 hours got a year's account, that would be [(66,143/2)*$25=] $826,800.00 Whoa.

I think we ought to start a huge campaign supporting subscribing to LiveJournal.
Imagine what could be done with the service.
The Christmas-E-Card/Gifts idea posted a while back was excellent!

Let's brainstorm folks. How to market LiveJournal's paid accounts better than they have been.
Without going overkill in the spamming.

(yes, I realize I may have made a fault in there somwehere. Feel free to point it out).

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