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COMDEX Debate: Battle of the blogs

Are Weblogs legitimate business tools? Yes
Blogs have many uses in today's business environments.

By Bill Keaggy

Using Weblogs in your business environment can increase employee communication and knowledge, save time and resources, and build reputation and confidence. We're not talking server logs here; the Weblogs we're talking about are topical, frequently updated Web pages powered by knowledgeable contributors. Drop the notion of blogs as vanity sites for high school diarists and time-wasting black holes made by wannabe writers. Blogs can be anything. It's up to you to make them useful.


Are weblogs legitimate business tools? No
There's nothing inherent in blog technology that will transform a business.

By Mark Hurst

While Weblogs are an increasingly popular tool, they're not nearly as transformative as some people think. Based on my three years of writing "Good Experience," a newsletter and blog, the blog has limited value as a business tool. I will grant that blogs are here to stay because they make it easy for almost anyone to publish online. But most blogs are just that: random people posting their random opinions, for anyone who cares to read them. Many blogs dispense trivia from the author's personal life - pets, friends, favorite TV shows - while others are somewhat more intelligent, discussing books, articles and other blogs. There are thousands of blogs out there, making it a constant question of what (if anything) is worth reading day to day.

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