Roshi (roshi) wrote in lj_biz,

userpic help thing updated yet again

i know i keep posting about this but i'd like to get these pages up and running in an official way. i emailed brad about it so it's in the works. he also offered to host the pages on the lj servers... i would do this as they're currently on my slightly dodgy freebie site server in the uk somewhere. if i do this, i need to figure out a way to be able to update the pages regularly as the user list will slowly grow over time. i know that you just email changes to the faq or something, seraph, how does that work?

additional: it appears that's there a big demand for nifty banners and buttons for lj. i know there's some 468 x 80 banners, that's the most common banner size on the internet [and it's also the largest]. other standardized banner-type image sizes are 400 x 40 banners and 88 x 31 buttons... i'm willing to make some different link images if people tell me what they want [ie goth black banner, cool shiny buttons, whatever]

anyway... stuff!


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