Woodrow Jarvis Hill (asim) wrote in lj_biz,
Woodrow Jarvis Hill

LJ at Newsforge

There's an article comparing LJ with Everything2 on Newsforge, possibly the best Open Source news site:

The two content management engines that I have been most interested in lately are the engines used for Everything2 and LiveJournal. The E2 and LJ engines are both Open Source and both have a good record of being security conscious. I also respect the developers who own the projects, and for me that makes a difference when I choose Open Source projects to use.
The two engines have been designed around similar ideas. They both allow multiple users to create their own content and manage it from the Web. The major difference between them is that LJ focuses content creation and ownership on the individual creator of the information, while E2 concentrates information into a collective resource.

There's a certain apples and oranges aspect to this, but it's an interesting outside look into the programs, nonetheless. He talks a great deal about the install, and mentions some things that lj_dev might be interested in, as well.

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