Mahesh Shantaram (msram) wrote in lj_biz,
Mahesh Shantaram

FYI: is the latest site to embrace the open source privileges that Live Journal grants. (We already know about Dead Journal.)

A costs $18.75 a year. By the looks of it, they're growing quite fast (17 Indian users already! That's fast!). A friend of mine confessed that he signed up for ujournal because "LJ asked for some code". This is all just FYI.

Some questions that come to my mind:

1. To what extent will LJ users be able to communicate with those of LJ offsprings? (I know we'll soon be able to add Dead Journal RSS feeds to our friends lists.)

2. What does LJ get out of allowing people to use its software to create clone site and make money off it? (I'm just being curious)

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